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Udio Rupay Platinum Card Now Available in Udio App

Apply for New Udio Platinum Card by Upgrading your Udio Mobile App and place order under "My Udio Card" section. All existing Visa Cards will not be operational post 30th April 2018.

Udio Rupay Platinum Card Now Available in Udio App

Udio RBL Rupay Platinum Card will feature:
  • Merchant Offers: Get host of merchant offers and benefits on your Rupay Platinum Card.
  • Insurance Cover: Get the benefits of Insurance cover on your Rupay Platinum Card.
  • Amazing Discounts and Cashbacks: Get cashback's on bill payments made from your Rupay Platinum Card.
How to Order Udio RBL Rupay Platinum Card?
  • Just Update Udio App.
  • Login into your account.
  • Place the order under "My Udio Card" section.


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